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The North Hampshire Medical Fund is very grateful to the committee of the Hampshire Garden Festival for their on-going support. Could we on behalf of the patients, staff and all of the board of Trustees say a very big thank you for all their amazing work they do to support the charity. All the money they raise goes towards the much needed hospital equipment which benefits the patients of Hampshire.

The North Hampshire Medical Fund was established in 1981 by the late Earl of Carnarvon. His wife, Jeanie, Countess of Carnarvon, continues to have a role as Patron of the charity.

It was founded with three aims:

  • To raise money to provide additional equipment in Basingstoke, Winchester and Andover hospitals to supplement those provided by the Health Service.
  • To ensure that the latest high technology equipment is available for the examination and treatment of patients.
  • To promote medical research, education and care.

With all the pressures that are on NHS budgets there is little extra money to buy state of the art equipment, this is where the North Hampshire Medical Fund steps in and helps out. At the moment we are fundraising for over £450,000 to buy 10 pieces of equipment, from three Obstetric Ultrasound machines at a cost of £116,671 which will save over 200 babies lives per year, to an ultra-widefield fundus camera for the Ophthalmology department, at a cost of £84,879.

The year before last we purchased an EBUS Endobronchial Ultrasound, which is used to treat 130 – 150 patients per year who potentially could have lung cancer. Now there is no need for patients to travel to Oxford, London, Southampton. It improves diagnosis, and speedy treatment of lung cancer and ultimately improves survival outcome, at a cost of £130,000 we now need to buy another scope for the Respiratory department at a cost of £40,000 so we are able to treat even more patients, and guarantee lists are not cancelled if there is a problem with the first scope.

Last year we also bought Prostate Focal Therapy Equipment at a cost of £197,000. The outgoing machine treated approx 250 men over nearly 10 years. It is hoped that hundreds of men with localised prostate cancer will benefit from a minimally invasive procedure which will destroy (ablate using high intensity ultrasound) prostate cancer. The advantages are that there are very few side effects such as incontinence and impotence which can be caused by the traditional conventional treatments such as complete removal – radical prostatectomy, and also radiotherapy.

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